List of The Best Places To Visit In Jibhi Valley in 2021!

List of The Best Places To Visit In Jibhi Valley in 2021!

In today’s landscape, everyone is familiar with places like Shimla and Manali but there are many other unknown and offbeat tourist destinations that may be small in size and popularity but huge in terms of natural beauty.

Jibhi is a beautiful, simple and old Himalayan village located in Himachal Pradesh, situated on the banks of river Tirthan, a tributary of river Beas. With things to do, you can relax, roam and enjoy the mountain air as Jibhi is a small paradise on earth.

Take a sightseeing tour of Jibhi Valley.

Jalori Pass:

Jalori is the nearest hill pass from Delhi, situated at an altitude of 10,500 feet in the Kullu Valley. The roads from Jibhi to Shoja village are good by valley standards, but after Shoja the climb becomes very steep.

If you exploring this trek during the spring season, the place will be lush green and the grasses around Jalori Pass will be scenic. During winters, it will be an icy paradise. Sometimes, the car may not reach the actual pass and you may have to walk there. But the snowy play will make it meriting it.

Chehni Kothi:

Built-in Pahari style of architecture, this 1500-year-old fort is full of grandeur. A wooden tower that rises up to 40 meters high is the best place from where you can witness the panoramic beauty of the whole place. Built using fine wood interconnected with each other, the fort is tall and majestic to look at.

The trek is captivating and enjoyable for all age groups. On the way, you will pass the Shringa Rishi Temple, which is located in the Bagi village below Chehni. The view of this Kothi is very mesmerizing. The added advantage is that the lush green forests that surround the region make it a must-visit destination for tourists.

Shringra Rishi Temple:

There is the famous Shringra Rishi temple in another village called Bagi located below Chehni village. The temple is at a height that provides a binocular view of the entire place. It is an emotional and religious place for the townspeople.
This holy place is dedicated to sage Shringa, who was a wonderful holy man of Kashyapa’s heredity. Shringi Rishi was an incredibly holy man of the Ramayana period and his father was Vibhandaka Rishi, a pious figure. Master Shringi is the managing deity of this cut valley named Banjar.

Jibhi Waterfall:

It is one of the rare places whose natural aura has been beautified by man without spoiling it. Surrounding the fall are wooden bridges, streams and a cement pool.

This waterfall delivers a virtual treat that leaves you completely taken aback. Connecting with the general stream and nature can give a feeling of satisfaction. The waterfall looked like a sheet of a blue blanket of foam as it washed away. The torrent of water flows like music and enthrals the entire place. So, sit by the waterfall and enjoy the music of nature.

Raghupur Fort:

Raghupur Fort is a remarkable place that is acknowledged to have worked to protect themselves from infiltration by the Mandi rulers. A Himachali fort, Bas Pillar, and still stands today. Raghupur Fort has major viewpoints on the Siraj Valley.

It is easy for anyone to trek and is only 4 km away from Jalori Pass. The first leg descends a bit through dense and luscious oak forests before giving way to a steep climb. The best time to enjoy this trek is spring-summer as the views of the valley will be most apparent then.

In short, the lush green valley of Jibhi has all those sparkling places that bring out fresh vibes. The places to visit in Jibhi are vivid and dotted with various visual treats.